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Sometimes I wish I was hidden

From the devil that gave us bad luck

From the killer that’s called stress

We were pure citizens made from sophisticated happiness

But dusk was the best way to describe us

In between light and dark figuring out how to survive through the night

I was a stupid genius knowing how to do well in life but not in its tests

She was the woman who refused help yet complained why she was alone

He was the man struggling with the reality of people

He was the boy just starting to discover fascination unaware…

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People I know always ask me “Why are you so quiet?” I sometimes even ask that question to myself. I don’t have a clear-cut answer to this question. Possibly I was born as a quiet person and I don’t have to change who I am.

I often think that the whole world is designed for extroverts. In school, it often seems like “you are so outgoing” is the best comment that someone could give to another person. Many times teachers did ask me to speak up more. I always wondered how some of my classmates were able to chat all…

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My dearest ……

I wish you were immortal

Or life would be bland

Days would be a agonizing drag from what they used to be

I would hum the songs of sorrow through my memories

Before drifting off to nightmares

My eyelashes would drip with tears like damp leaves on a rainy evening

Loving would seem impossible to do again

You were a piece of work

Your chest was filled with soft fists radiating through the mirror

You were a warrior

Reminding me that women were not beasts

But rather rebels of our time

Shattering differences into puzzle pieces meant to be fit together

For now the bed will stay larger than usual

The pictures will stay in place

And the ring will be left unoccupied

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The level you understand yourself at reflects your ability to understand others

The way I perceive myself guides my path to a more successful future

When we all take the chance to stand up for equal rights

When we all allow ourselves to pause and be aware of our differences

When we all agree upon the fact that a perfect unity doesn’t exist

The miles and miles we’ve taken to help others don’t seem enough

But it’s the best we can do …

The stories we’ve exposed don’t seem lawful towards our society

But they have helped others open their…

The first time I died went something like this…..

There was an abandoned house across the street that I always wondered about. It was like one of those houses you see in action movies and books. I would always read my science fiction novels against the window facing Newberry Lane where mosquitoes would ravage the house. Of course, there was never really an option to mention about that house as rumors have spread over the years. No one ever wanted to ride their bikes past it or even look at it with the plain eye. …

“Jeremy Goldblatt Is So Not Moses” is the well captured story of the spirit of bar mitzvahs and their not so glamorous behind the scenes set ups. This short story illustrates the humorous mishaps that often occur when the three is in front of the one(13!).

(1) How does “Jeremy Goldblatt Is So Not Moses” relate to the essential question — ”when should an individual take a stand to confront a problem”? Jeremy Goldblatt Is So Not Moses relates to standing up for a friend when no one else will. The short story narrates how easily a person can be…

Living in these conditions of slavery is beyond excruciating and painful. Being in the control of a greedy devil while trying to escape to a place called freedom, would be almost impossible during that time. These innocent people would have achieved so much in life if they didn’t live their lives serving other people’s needs as if their owner was their child. Souls were broken, lives were lost, and hidden talents were nowhere to be seen. I believe field work and housework behaves like a circle. It is never ending with almost no way to escape. To get to freedom…

After Antipholus of Ephesus found his long lost brother, he went on a journey unlike the most extravagant. He “went” on a journey to Greece and Mecca, Islam’s holiest city located in present-day Saudi Arabia. A new brother brought him not only a new singing, but a rich life. Ships filled with expensive jewelry and objects clustered his mind in a relaxing, nonchalant way. Newspapers went all over town describing his rare story, making him and his brother extremely famous. This fame and enrichment created a luxurious trip to the holy city of Mecca and Athens, Greece as a celebration…

Thesis statement: Slavery is an act of exploitation the labor force and is moral and inhuman. Nothing can possibly defend the brutal acts of slave owners against their slaves like commodities.

While reading about the life of a slave, readers get to question whether this institution is truly beneficial or morally wrong. Exposing the horrors of slavery, the narratives elaborate on the stripping away of all human identity.


The United States of America was never founded the way it is today. Laws, customs, and even holidays have shaped the culture we Americans call normal. However, there was a point…

Why did the Southern states leave the Union?

The main event that caused the Southern States to secede was Abraham Lincoln’s victory in the Election of 1860. I believe that the Southern states had a desire to preserve the institution of slavery under a leader that practiced the customs that they did. The Southern States justified their reason to leave the Union by writing declarations for their city newspapers and hosting conventions dedicated to people who believed in slavery. However, Florida did not justify their reason to secede since they had no issues in previous declarations or files of press…


Middle School Student; Winner of International NASA Crew Contest 16’; Writer@ #STEMGirl #PianoPlayer

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