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Sometimes I wish I was hidden

From the devil that gave us bad luck

From the killer that’s called stress

We were pure citizens made from sophisticated happiness

But dusk was the best way to describe us

In between light and dark figuring out how to survive through the night

Poetry Catherine Heath

The day I concluded family
you were in the bar
starting the party
while she was ending
the celebration of zero despair
zero ignorance in the week
the cries for milk grew
as the milk that once held it all together
spilled out of the thread leaving it tangled
and in shreds
like me…

A Poem

She was like a canvas

Although we attempted to throw black paint at her she managed to create herself living among the stars

I admit we have done bad

The only thing that satisfied us were the tall towers we managed to grow upon society

Leaving the presence…

The first time I died went something like this…..

There was an abandoned house across the street that I always wondered about. It was like one of those houses you see in action movies and books. I would always read my science fiction novels against the window facing Newberry Lane…


High School Student | TKS Innovator | Editor@studentsxstudents for students by students #PianoPlayer #PoetandWriter

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