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  • julia marin

    julia marin

  • Mrinal Bhakuni

    Mrinal Bhakuni

    calm and curious, write about finance, innovation and investment.

  • Tamar Wenocur-Hartmayer

    Tamar Wenocur-Hartmayer

    UX Designer @Ople AI with a taste for typography and mania for (a little more than) minimalism.

  • Vinay Karthik

    Vinay Karthik

    Writing whatever’s on my mind

  • Noku


  • Pamela Ann

    Pamela Ann

  • Uday Hegde

    Uday Hegde

  • Urvashi


    Writer | Poet | Counselor | Your “Mom” friend | Connoisseur of Spicy Food & Horror Films. Let’s connect ->

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